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The musicians in Gjertrud’s Gypsy Orchestra have a widespread background. All are professional musicians and have extensive education and experience within various fields of music.

Gjertrud Økland (violin) is the driving force and primás (Hungarian for leader) of Gjertrud’s Gypsy Orchestra. In addition to being a violinist in Stavanger Symphony Orchestra, she has a florid freelance career. Recieved Mølsterprisen 2018.

Georg Reiss (clarinet, tárogáto) After studies at The Norwegian State Academy of Music and Guildhall School of Music in London, he has worked as a freelance musician. He is playing regulary with bands and orchestras with a broad specter of musical styles: Magnolia Jazzband, Ophelia Orchestra, Georg Reiss Kvartett, SyrinEnsemblet.

Tom Karlsrud (accordion) lives in Aurland and works as a freelance musician, arts school principal and manager of a music production company. He has collaborated with numerous folk musicians.

Pål Thorstensen (double bass) is a freelance musician based in Risør, with a solid grounding in jazz (including Moose Loose) and folk music (including Oslo Tango Society, the Balkan Ensemble), and is currently a member of the northern Norwegian group Boknakaran.

Trond Villa (viola) is probably best known as a violinist in folk rock and Balkan rock from his time as a freelance musician (including Folque, Folk og rackare, the Balkan Ensemble). He lives in Sauherad in Telemark, where he works in the community Arts School, alongside continuing with his freelance career.

Helene Waage (cello, vocals) is a freelance musician. She lives in Sauherad in Telemark, and has worked with musicians and artists within different fields. She has collaborated with many Norwegian folk musicians and is a member of the folk music trio Glima.

Ernest Bangó (cimbalom) lives in Budapest and has performed with the best Gypsy Orchestras in Hungary, with Roby Lakatos among others. He has toured worldwide and also been a soloist with several international symphony orchestras.